Apr 172011
Columbus Metal recyclingCommercial Accounts
Auto Repair Shops
Salvage Yards
Small Business
Department Stores
Why have an account with Ohio Metal Recyclers?
•Your material will be disposed of weekly
•Your material will be sorted to the proper catagory of metal
•We will handle all transportation of your waste materials
•We will not interrupt your daily business flow
•Professional apperance of our staff
•Online account notification
•Best of all this service is not only free but you will be paid for your material
Commercial accounts please create an account then contact customerservice@ohiometalrecyclers.com for your pass to the Commercial section of the site for more details

Public Service
To have items picked up:
Click on the (schedule a pick-up) tab
Free pickup of all unwanted or dead appliances. .

Accepted Items for FREE pickup,

ANY Commercial resturant equipment, Fridges, stoves, hot water tanks, washers, dryers, furnaces, microwaves, computer systems, copper wiring, copper pipes, any type of metal plumbing, tubs, lawn tractors, engines and transmissions, car rims, anything with a motor(dirt bikes, golf carts, lawn mowers, ect, ect) metal shelving of all kinds, metal office furniture,

free refridgerator pick up

free refridgerator pick up

Do your part.
This phrase occurs often in appeals to recycle. But what does it really mean?
For most, it’s just an abstract call to action. It doesn’t mean anything practical to them. If you feel
this way, it might be time to reach below the surface and grasp the clear
purpose beneath this imperative.
What It Really Means
In a world of finite resources,
where world population and demand for products are on the rise, we must make
every effort to improve efficiency and sustainability. As a consumer, this
begins with you. If you have an old, unwanted product, find a way to get it back
into the manufacturing cycle. This will lower the cost for new goods by helping
the economy as a whole and your pocketbook in particular.
But wouldn’t you like to sweeten the deal a little?
Wouldn’t you like to get paid for your efforts too?
Well, now you can! Just bring old, unwanted aluminum cans, scrap metal or a
worn-out automobile to Ohio Metal Recyclers We’ll
buy it off you! We then recycle those
valuable waste materials and get them to industrial sources that can reuse
Have a Large Amount of Scrap Metal?
To make it easier for our large commercial customers, we offer storage containers and trailers. This
makes it easier to recycle those valuable metals and do your part.
Act Now!
Ohio Metal Recyclers, is always looking for new sources of recyclable materials. If you’d like to
discuss how to utilize our services, give us a call for a free estimate! Find
out about the value of your raw materials – for free